Where Have I Been?

That is a great question with a fairly mundane answer. I have been nowhere. Nowhere of note anyway. Things have been pretty routine. Get up, drop the kid off at school, go to work, pick the kid up from school, go back to work, go home, have dinner, watch a TV show, go to bed, repeat. That has pretty much been it since the first of the year. I mean, we as a country have had quite a lot going on. The nation is coming apart at the seams and all of that but for me it has been literally business as usual. Nothing to say, nothing to write about, nothing to be excited about. Just boring, middle aged white guy life. Actually, reading it that way kind of makes me sad. Meh, “so it goes” as a wise man once said.

I am looking forward to the summer. Not because I have something to do but it will be a break from the monotony. I will be going back to work by myself for a few months. I love having my daughter with me on the drive but I kind of miss the alone time as well. I haven’t been able to listen to podcasts and books because not everything I listen to is for all ears and some things are just really boring to her. It will be nice to get back to some of that for a little while. I also expect to get more exercise in during that time. I don’t always get to take the morning walk I have come to love because traffic and school but in the summer traffic should be less and I can go straight to the park. I hope I get there early enough each do that the Alabama heat does not bother me. That will be another “we shall see” situation.

I wish we had a vacation planned but at best we will go see my family in Kentucky. I don’t get to be there enough for my mother. Mom is fighting cancer again 3rd time is a charm right? If you can’t pick up the sarcasm there then let me assure you, it’s there. I don’t much believe in things being “fair” in life but the woman deserves a break. This time has been a struggle in that she is building up an allergic reaction to one of the drugs. Chemo is a bitch. You’d think we could have licked this disease by now but I guess boners are way more important. Good thing we have that problem solved. Yeah, sarcasm again.

In other news, I am into my 3rd week of staying off sugary drinks. Yep, I am trying this again. Feeling good about it so far except when I have a cook out. Coke or ALE-8-1 really goes well with a burger right off the grill. Still, I need to make it stick. My health isn’t so great and the only thing that can make it better is to lose weight. I can see my life getting shorter every day because of it and it is starting to really scare me. It is a slowly building fear but seems to be growing every day. I am not ready to die but I feel like it is coming sooner rather than later. I keep trying though. Maybe that counts in some way. I need to have what I think is a hernia repaired too. It doesn’t bother me that much but it is every present. I have a newfound understanding of what people in chronic pain must go through. That sucks but hey, at least they can get boners whenever they want! Thanks medical science!

So anyway. That is where I am and where I have been. Right here, going through the days as a real, live human being. Not a zombie. I think not a zombie. Am I a zombie? Can zombies type? Do zombies look forward to upcoming summer movies? Surely not. I guess not. Maybe they do and just can’t tell us. Maybe they are just mad that they have to wait. They seem to have anger issues.

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