Railroad ParkI took this photo Friday morning while walking at Railroad park. I say walking but what I really mean is that I was hunting Pokemon. I started playing the game about 2 weeks ago after the rest of my family and apparently the world just could not stop talking about it. Not one to allow himself to get behind on all of the latest fads and trends, I installed the app just to see what everyone was talking about and soon found myself obsessed with catching up to Cindy and Emily. Since that time I have rocketed past both of them and am a level 17, a full two levels ahead of everyone else in the house.

Playing Pokemon Go isn’t notable. Millions are playing it. I have seen people of all walks of life playing the game with the exception of anyone older than about 50. I do think what is notable is that it really is getting people up and outside during the hottest part of the year. I have walked more since I begrudgingly installed the app than I have in years. I credit it with really getting me out and exercising. Walking and running is just boring to me so I don’t do it even though I really should.  This little game keeps me motivated and that really is something special. I know that when Emily starts school I will have to give up my morning walks but my hope is that I find some kind of replacement. Until then, happy hunting.

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