Reading Challenge 2016

Well, I failed another reading challenge in 2015. I set a goal of 16 books and I made it to 15. I had two books to finish during the month of December and neither of were completed. Missed it by “that” much. It was a good year and I read a bunch of stuff I liked and that doesn’t include all of the great comics I read throughout the year.  Nevertheless, I am still kind of bummed that I just can’t seem to reach any of the reading goals I have set for myself over the last couple of years. I can’t really put a finger on why I have not been able to meet my goals I just don’t seem to get there. Maybe I am just that busy these days or maybe I just don’t take the time to read as often as I could. Whatever the reason, I would really like to turn that downward trend around.

With that in mind I set my goal to 18 books this year.  That is two more than last year but I am also partially done with three books already so I kind of have a head start. Below is a link to my 2016 challenge. You can join in on the fun if you like. Just set up a account and get to reading!

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