Once More Unto The Breach

One of the main stumbling blocks I have faced in living a healthier life is kicking an addiction to soda. I seem to be able to go a week or maybe a month but something always pulls me back. It might be just a moment of weakness or a special occasion where I tell myself this one won’t hurt. Yes, I know this isn’t the same as an addiction to drugs but it continues to haunt me as much as addition to alcohol haunts the alcoholic and it gets in the way of me making better choices about a lot of other things I put into my body. I keep trying to kick it so I can move onto other things but so far, I have failed.

I made a promise to my family on my birthday. I promised them I would not have a soda for an entire year. I owe it to them to keep trying to make these kind of changes in my life and as I get older the need to do better gets ever stronger. I had my last taste of sugar water on November 5, 2015. I shall have another taste 12 months from now on November 5, 2016. In that time I hope to not only drop soda but to drop some pounds. Kicking soda is the first step in that process.  I have been through the headache period and am now working my way through the cravings. It is so weird how such a ridiculous thing can have a hold on how you think.

Here’s to the next 12 soda free months.

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