Testing the Waters of the YouTube Pool

Emily spends most of her free time cruising around YouTube. This means that as a family we are also watching more YouTube content than ever before. It is really wonderful how much great content is out there just waiting to be consumed.  Educational content, entertainment, news, and literally anything else you need information on is out there. Of course a whole lot of completely worthless junk is out there too. They don’t make jokes about cat videos without some basis in fact.

I have been playing around with YouTube since the early days but have never loaded many videos myself. That might start changing. Oh, don’t worry about having to watch me. That won’t happen. I have a face for radio and a voice for the printed word. I am playing around with our GoPro though so you will likely see those kind of videos on my YouTube channel.  Stuff like this for example.

I need to work on editing more but this was only a test.  If there is something you would like to see let me know. I probably won’t film it but you never get anything if you don’t ask!

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