Either for good or for ill I have been sharing my love of comic books and comic related properties with my daughter.  She is a Teen Titans fan but I have been trying to spread her knowledge to some of my favorites which include both Batman and The Flash.  I have had little success in getting her to read about these characters but I have been able to get her to realize the level of skill that goes into the artwork.  As an exercise for her I asked Emily to try and draw a copy of a comic book cover that I came across while doing an inventory of my collection.  It was the #1 issue of the current Flash series with cover by Francis Manapul.

She took the challenge and came back a little while later with this sketch.  The original is shown for comparison

The FlashEmily Draws The Flash

I am very impressed with how her art skills are progressing.  I never could not drawn that cover at her age or honestly any age.  It is really quite fascinating to see how she can visualize an image and create it on paper.  I don’t know where art can take her but it seems to be a passion and from all indications she has quite the talent for it.  She certainly did not get it from me.  I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.  I’ll tell you one thing though, I would be a pretty proud father to see her name on a comic book one day.  I just hope it isn’t Marvel!

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