2015 – Day One

Hard to believe that it is 2015. This site has existed in one for or another since before my daughter was born.  She recently turned 11. A lot of things have happened in 11 years. There have been good years and bad years (I am looking at you 2014) but through it all there has always been something here. I find that interesting for some reason I can’t exactly explain.

My first share for the new year is this crazy thing:

The Joker

The Joker wants to give you Candy. You like candy right?

My daughter got this for me because I saw at at 2nd and Charles and said it was cool.  He is currently living on top of my computer on my desk.  He kind of freaks me.  Why is he so insistent on giving out candy?  Where did his neck go and what about 90% of his legs?  He is like a mini-me Joker and that is extra freaky to me.  If you want some Smarties though I can tell you where to get them.

Anyway, I have plans to keep this site going for another year.  I am paid up through next November anyway.  At this time of year there are always things running through my mind about what to do here, what to say and how to say it.  Things will be getting busy and I am worried that this site will fall into disuse again.  I don’t want that but I also don’t want to get older and nothing seems to be slowing that process down so why should it be different for this site?  Why are my metaphors so full of nonsense?  Anyway, here’s to hoping that creepy Joker won’t sneak up on me one night and end me.  That would kind of suck.

Happy New Year!


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