Reading – It helps you learn good!

A couple of years ago I started trying to force myself to read more.  Not that I ever really stopped reading but the volume of books I consumed between the end of my undergraduate period and the slow march into my mid-thirties declined significantly.  Around 2011 I noticed that I was not reading as fast and mentally I was operating a little slower.  I decided it was time to push myself to do a little more reading.  I set a goal of 12 books for 2012.  I made the goal but just barely.  Last year I shot for 18 books and missed the mark by 3 although I beat the previous year’s tally by the same amount.  A good improvement by a little disappointing.  I set my goal for this year at 20.  I feel confident I can make it.  I have been carving out a little more time lately for reading and I think my speed is increasing.  Nothing like what I had in high school but better than a few years ago.

I find that the more I read the more I want to read.  It was always that way when reading books I was interested in and now even more so.  The down side of picking up the pace is that I don’t always retain the stories.  I don’t know if this means they are not very good or if it is because I am 38 and not 18.  I am hoping that I get better at that the more I read.  It is a little disturbing to read something and then immediately forget what was read.  Hopefully that will get better the more I get back to regular reading.

Do you have a reading list for 2014?  You can find mine at GoodReads.  Friend me if you would like.  I’m always looking for new friends on that site.

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