So, 2014 eh?

The older I get the less excited I get about a new year.  Not that I see it in a negative light or anything, just that it doesn’t mean much to me.  Have to start writing a new date on things, time to start thinking about taxes, and time to realize that it has been 14 years since we turned the calender from 1999 to 2000 and still we don’t have flying cars, molecular transportation, jet packs, or replicators.  January 1, 2014 is just another day very much like December 31, 2013.  Why this arbitrary day every year is more important than any other day is a bit lost on me.  The best I can say is at least I had a day off of work to spend with my daughter.  Given that fact, January 1 can’t be all that bad.

2014 is a big unknown to me.  A lot of things can happen.  Some I hope do, some I very much hope do not.  I guess I have an opportunity to fix some things and break some others.  Mostly I look forward to whatever new comes along.  I don’t know what that is but I look forward to the experience.  I need “new”.  My life has been somewhat boring for too long so something unexpected would be welcome.  Assuming whatever it is has the decency to be enjoyable and not sad or painful.

I suppose I need to give some update on the “status” of this website/blog/time sink thing.  I had a lot to think about in 2013 and a lot I could have written but I never could seem to take the time to do it.  Thoughts never really coalesced as I would like them to and every time I sat down to write the words did not come.  I tried but the motivation and the will was lacking.  I honestly hope to take more time to write over the next year.  It feels good to let my thoughts, as stupid, pedantic, and ridiculous as the may be, out into the world.  I hold no illusions to the value of what exists here other than it stands as some kind of record that I was here.  That I existed.  What happens to this stuff after I am no longer here is unknown to me.  I guess at some point maybe I should make some kind of plans for that even if they are just for someone to press “delete”.

I have thought much about what my legacy will be or, more precisely, what my daughter will have of me when I am gone.  This may be it.  I think some days that I will start recording a daily entry for her to listen to one day but I never seem to get around to it.  At least my ability to fail to take action on my ideas is consistent.  Video is a no-go for me as I am uncomfortable on camera so it is either audio or writing and, for now anyway, writing is the way to go.  Perhaps that is the motivation I need to visit here often.  Perhaps.

2014 is here and I hope you all have a good year.  I have no advice other than the timeless bit of wisdom spoken by those sages of time, Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan – “Be excellent to each other.” and “Party on, dudes!”

We would all do well to live by that philosophy and that certainly includes myself.

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