Big Changes Ahead

I am getting ready to embark on a pretty big change in my digital life.  I have decided to commit to moving my digital presence, whatever that is, from to  It might not seem like such a big thing but I am finding out that it is bigger than I could have guessed.  I have been running those two accounts in tandem for years now and it is starting to become an organizational problem for me.  They both initially had very good reasons to exist but over the years those separate and distinct purposes have begun to merge and now I find I can’t handle the two accounts.  They both have calendars, Google+ accounts, and a whole variety of other things associated with them and I use them interchangeably.  So much so that I tend to forget that they are different.  The result is that I give out one address when I should be giving out the other or I store data with one but I want to retrieve and share it with the other address.  The long and short of it is that using two address in my daily life is starting to confuse the heck out of me and it needs to change.

With that being said, I actually have many more email address/accounts but those really aren’t a problem.  The problem is really the two Gmail accounts that I use regularly.  As I get more and more invested in the Google ecosystem (whether or not that is a good idea is a topic for another day) carrying two accounts that I use regularly has become a liability.  So, the thinking is to condense everything down to one “main” account,, and let the other one go dormant.  Therefore, in the coming weeks I intend to start working on a massive conversion between the accounts.  This includes my twitter account which will also change to @jeffreysmoore.

I have a long way to go on this project and I hope to document how it is going here to give people an idea how easy or difficult such a major change really can be.  For those interested, you can go ahead and follow me at those two addresses.

More to come…

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