So Where Were We?

I started off the year trying to blog every day.  I made it little over a month and even then I cheated a little.  I was going pretty well and then BAM!  Work hit me in the face.  In all honesty I am only just now kind of getting back to what I think is normal.  Whatever “normal” means anyway.  With all of that behind me at this point I want to get back to doing some writing.  Over the next few weeks I expect to get back to a regular schedule.  Don’t know if I can handle everyday style posting but  I would like to work up to it.  Then again, ‘all good things’ right?

One of the last posts I wrote before signing off for a little while concerned my frustrations with gifted education in Alabama.  To say I was a bit surprised by the amount of feedback I got from that post would be doing a disservice.  I got much more feedback than I was expecting.  The parents of gifted children in Alabama are crying out for help and resources in this state and their pleas are falling on deaf ears.  I want to be more active in the gifted community but I haven’t found a way to do that yet.  My schedule seems to make it difficult but going through the summer and then in to the next school year I hope to find a place that allows me to both help my daughter reach her potential as well as be a part of the bigger community that is working to better gifted education in Alabama.

I have to say, however, that the more I learn about the subject the more disheartened I am becoming.  More than once I have really given thought to moving out of Alabama by any means necessary.  It would not be easy for me to make such a change and financially it seems all but impossible.  I have been weighing that against the opportunities Emily might have somewhere else and the scale keeps tipping both directions.  A move and all the things that would come with it would not be an easy thing to do and only slightly easier to think about.  While no real options are on the table yet they are certainly simmering on the stove.  More thinking, discussions, and soul search has to be done.  If I saw some kind of hope that Alabama would fix its education system I wouldn’t be so concerned but I honestly don’t think it will ever get better.

Anyway, here’s to getting back to blogging.  Hope to see you around.

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