Round Balls

The following two pictures are funny to me and honestly, quite a bit telling.  The first was taken back at the end of summer/beginning of fall.  We were at a UAB soccer game.

Emily at UAB Soccer

The second picture was taken tonight at the UAB versus USM game.  I didn’t frame it quite as well but I think what I am looking at will come across.

Emily at UAB v USMNotice that in both pictures she is showing no interest in the games?  Well, that’s Emily.  Since she was born we have tried exposing her to different kinds of athletics.  Nothing has really stuck.  She just has no interest in sports.  In fact, it seems that she doesn’t care about competition of any kind.  I am still trying to understand this because while I don’t mind her not liking sports, her lack of interest in competition has some fairly serious effects.  It seems she doesn’t care about being the best at anything she does.  As long as she is happy with her work or whatever she is doing then she is happy.  We are seeing that she doesn’t always have a drive to do better.  Comparisons to others other’s work actual gives her stress.  She is a special kid but dealing with some of her personality traits continues to be a challenge.

At least she enjoys going with us to these events.  We just always have to remember she needs things to keep her occupied.

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