Finally, Justice

This morning I saw one of the most wonderful and heartwarming thing a commuter can see.  I was heading toward the interstate on-ramp when a big recycling truck shot past me on the right to try and beat the red light.  He failed and ran the light.  As I was reflecting on how unnecessary that was, another big, black truck blasted past me and through the light.  He went through several seconds after the light turned and wasn’t even close to beating the light.  After a moment of complete incredulity, I looked up to follow where the truck was going only to see the most wondrous and fantastic thing.  A police office was pulling him over!  OH HAPPY DAY!  Finally, one of these jerks was getting what was coming to him!

How many days do we drive to and from work all the while obeying the laws only to see someone completely disregard them and never get caught?  Some of us can’t drive a mile with a busted tail light without getting pulled over and yet it seems a certain type of person never gets caught doing things that are not just against the law but down right dangerous.  Not today my friends!  Black Truck Guy got busted and he more than deserved it.  I don’t know if he got anything more than a ticket but I kind of hope he got smart with the office and ended up being carted off to jail.  It would be a drop in the bucket of justice as far as I am concerned.

As I passed him on the side of the road I wanted so badly to pull over and dance a little jig right in front of his truck.  Like a real, honest-to-goodness leprechaun style jig.  The only thing that could make it better would be if I was wearing a kilt and could moon the guy in the process   Of course I could never do it, mostly because I would probably get a ticket or worse for my trouble.  I’ll have to be content with the image of him  getting busted for nothing more than being in too much of a hurry.

Sometimes there really IS a policeman around when you need them.

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