Stretching the Legs

Maggie's Glen - Oak Mountain State ParkWe spent the day outside at Oak Mountain State Park today.  It was great getting out and enjoying a bit of nature although personally I wish we had gotten out with the sunrise.  I haven’t done as much outdoor activity the last few years as I would like.  Other things just tend to get in the way.  Well, that and I have allowed them to get in the way.  If you want to do something bad enough you can always find a way to squeeze it in.  I think a little change in my priorities is in order.

We had a really great trip.  A nice, short hike into Maggie’s Glen and then a short hike out.  After that we spent some time on the nature trail looking at some owls and a couple of vultures.  Ugly creatures vultures are but they have their place.  We also drove up to the top of the “mountain” and had lunch overlooking Shelby Country and the fabled Galleria.  The scenery wasn’t great.  All brown and dead in the middle of winter, but the atmosphere was fantastic.  We ended the day walking along the lake.  It was quiet, cool, and quite relaxing.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been 5 more days of it.

The goal this year is to do some more camping, hiking, and just being outside.  I am looking forward to it.  Well, at least until it gets too warm.  I am not much for hiking in the summer.  We’ll use that time for something completely different.  For now, however, a little walk through the woods is just what we all need.

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