Out of Sync

Google CalendarMy wife and I have become heavy users of online calendars.  We both use our Google calendars and I actually push data from my work calendar (Exchange/Outlook based) into my Google calendar.  After all of that, we then push information into each others calendars so we both have visibility of what the other has going on.  This is especially helpful with our daughter’s schedule.  The more we have used this set-up the more efficient our lives have become.  We both use various devices including those using iOS, Android, and Windows operating system.  The process has been mostly seamless (there is an issue getting calendars 3 steps down the chain into Outlook) and we have come to depend on the free exchange of calendar data.

When Google announced that Google Sync was being discontinued for non-Google Apps customers I became quite concerned.  This will pretty much break what we have been using for the last few years.  While the sync should continue to work with existing devices, no new devices will be able to use Google Sync.  As we upgrade our phones, tablets, and computers we will have to find another method or process of keeping calendar information in sync.  Ultimately we will find a way to replace the functionality that we enjoy but it is kind of sad that a solution that seems to work fairly well is going to disappear for no reason other than Google not wanting to play nice with everyone else.

Do you use Google Sync?  Will this change have an impact on you?

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