There’s a Little Blue Left


You can’t really tell but that is a picture of my TV as I was watching the Kentucky v. Alabama game as I wrote this post.

I don’t talk too much about sports here. I enjoy sports. I just don’t generally have much to say. That has been especially the case lately . Neither of the teams I follow closely had much success during football season and basketball season is looking rough as well. Nevertheless, I still watch the games as I can.

It is interesting to me that I still follow Kentucky sports. I have lived in Alabama for 27 of my 37 years. I suppose it is a testament to how strong the blue blood flows through my family. Many family members went to UK. I even had classes there as a kid. I guess once it gets in you, it dies hard. I will always be UAB fan first but I suspect there will be a little blue in me forever as well.


There’s a Little Blue Left — 2 Comments

  1. I went to lots of kids’ classes and camps there as a kid, too, probably around the same time. We are still big UK fans here. I’m really proud of their women’s team now!

  2. I remember two classes. One was on mythology. We studies the mythology of werewolves, bigfoot, etc. The other was like a critical thinking class. The only real memory of it I have was that it was doing logic puzzles where the instructor would tell a story with kind of a mystery and we had to figure out what happened by asking questions. Really fun stuff.

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