Long Day, Short Night

There are some days you would just rather skip and move on to the next day. Yeah, today was one of those days.

I very rarely miss work. Most of the time I do miss work is because I am on personal business. Waiting for some kind of repair/service person to come to my house, taking care of something for my daughter, dealing with paperwork, or any other number of things that people have to take off work to deal with. Today it was for a doctor’s appointment. It was just a kind of check-up to go over some things as well as look at what I suspect is a hernia. Nothing to serious and I thought since it was a holiday work would not miss me. Boy was I wrong!

I got a call at 7:30 as I was on my way to the appointment. I was informed that the main production server that runs the back-end of the business did not seem to be accessible. For the next 50 minutes I tried troubleshooting the problem over the phone without success. This really isn’t something one wants to deal with right before an appointment to talk about blood pressure. I got through the appointment and called back in to work. No change with the system and it wasn’t working.

2 hours after getting to work I finally figured out the problem. It seems the network switch that the server was connected to was failing. I knew it needed to be replaced and already had another switch ready. I just hadn’t gotten to swap it out yet. Well, that project got moved up the to-do list and I got it done. Servers rebooted and problem solved! YEA FOR ME right? Not so fast.

Minutes later I get another call about some equipment I set-up for a customer. That equipment was failing so it was off to troubleshoot something completely different at a different location. Another 2 hours later and problem solved I returned to the office to FINALLY get something to eat. I was not able to have breakfast due to the need to draw blood at the doc so I was starving. Lunch done I was kind of wasted mentally so I worked through a few simple tasks and went home, exhaustion setting in.

I got to take a long walk with my daughter and that was refreshing but boy the day just kind of wore me out. Tomorrow I get to do it again!

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