If it Ain’t Broke, Try to Fix It

I made 14 days blogging every day.  I haven’t accomplished that in a long time.  It isn’t a feat equivalent to climbing Mount Everest but it is a step forward.  Not that anyone but me cares but I need some personal goals right and blogging every day is one of those goals.

Of course I could not go more than two weeks with out messing with something right?  I upgraded the theme from an old version of the free Weaver theme to the new and improved Weaver II.  I had to tweak some things but overall I have it back to almost the same look.  The font isn’t exactly the same, some of the padding seems a little different and there are a few other minor things that are a little off.  So my hope is that one of the five or six regular visitors will notify me if there is a problem.  i do wish I could move the comment link up under the title bar for each post.  I can turn on the comment bubbles but I don’t like those so much.  More comments would be nice.

I am not much for caring about the design of the site.  I really just want it to work so I can do other things like wax not so eloquently about basically nothing at all.  The Weaver II theme has plenty of options for customizing and there is always the option of digging into the code.  There’s a good chance I am not going be doing much of that.  I would like something more “uniquely me” but I don’t know what that phrase means so for now I will just post pictures and stuff.  That’s a style right?

I also want it known that using 2-factor authentication for a blog is really a pain.  I am not even sure that it makes the site more secure.  How many people hack a WordPress blog through the admin page?  I installed the plugin when I was setting up 2-factor for Gmail.  I thought at the time I would do it for everything.  That plan has evolved somewhat and is still evolving really.  I support the concept but in practice it is a little more troublesome than I would like.  Guess we have to give up a little freedom for security right?

Well, here’s to 14 more days.  Maybe next month I will switch back  to MovableType for a little nostalgia.

Yeah, don’t bet on it.

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