The Plague


This is the jumbled mess that is my bedside table at the moment. Notice the fresh used tissues, the fan to help keep me from burning up, and the wonderful drug that is NyQuil. Well, it used to be wonderful. Now, not so much. Damn meth-heads screwing it up for everyone. I am moments away from chugging a couple of capfuls of this stuff with the hope that it will help me sleep a little.

I always seem to get sick right around the first of the year. This time is really special because on a couple of occasions I have coughed enough to see blackness creeping in around the edges of my vision. Awesome sauce right? I’d things go as they normally do then I will fight this for a few more days then drag myself to the doctor for some shots and stronger drugs. My body just never seems to be able to win these battles any more. I was even drinking orange juice this year! Fat lot of good that did!

Well, off to NyQuilville!


The Plague — 2 Comments

  1. Coughing so hard you start to lose oxygen? How long was the fever? Any night sweats? I’m always a little too anxious to over-diagnose, but here’s hoping it’s not pertussis. Because if it is, there’s no medicine except a rescue inhaler and it’s gonna last for three months. Fingers crossed for you.

    I’m assuming it’s not the flu, too. Sudden onset? Fever, chills and joint pain? If so, don’t screw around waiting. Go to the doc.

  2. I’ve had the flu before and this is not the flu. No joint pain. Had a few short incidents with feeling cold on Wednesday but that went away. I am always hot thought so the fan is always there along with a ceiling fan. When I would go through a coughing fit I would warm up just from the coughing I think.

    Yeah, a few incidents where I coughed so hard that blackness started creeping in. Not enough to pass out. The coughing seems to have died off. Now it is just severe congestion which bring along troubled breathing. I felt pretty crappy this morning when I woke up but doing mostly OK now.

    If I thought it might be the flu I would have already been to the doc. This is just my standard, January infection. Hopefully I will be mostly healed by tomorrow. I’ll have to make a call on whether or not I should come to book club then. I don’t want to expose anybody.

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