Touch Me Gently

*****So, does the following post seem odd to you?  Well, there is a reason.*****

I have posted something on here for 8 days fin a row. That is a derent too,pretty good record for me. I have a history of starting things and never completing them. There have been stretches here and there where I blogged fairly regularly but doing it every day seems to be difficult for me. Making it eight days is something of an accomplishment. At least as far as blogging goes anyway.

I have done most of this by using the iPad. I have discovered that this is not really good for writing. The touch interface works fine but I seem to make too many mistakes. Fat fingers and falling asleep while typing is surely part of the problem but not having a keyword hurts as well. It is nice to have the convenience but all other things being equal, I would rather have my laptop or some other mode of entry. I do like how it’s easy to integrate a picture right from the app. I just don’t want to write long posts through it. Now you know why all the posts lately have seemed a bit abbreviated.

I seem to have a handle on quantity now so time took on quality.


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  2. I have a keyboard for my iPad that works beautifully, except that I keep forgetting I have it. It was fairly cheap, around $30 if I remember right, but if you are regularly blogging w/ the iPad it might be worth the investment.

  3. Mostly I am using my iPad because by the time I get around to writing something I am already in bed. Probably not the best place to write anything.

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