BBVA Compass Bowl 2013


I was at the BBVA Compass Bowl today at Legion Field. The crowd was fantastic but Legion Field was woefully under prepared for the numbers of people. Traffic control was atrocious, I noticed many concession stands were sold out of basics like water well before the end of the 3rd quarter, and many members of the media were less than complementary of the facilities. I overheard a lot of this while I was working and it was hard to listen to. Birmingham really needs this event to be successful and I know the community can do better but it seems we just can’t pull it together. I hope the fans enjoyed themselves and all of the good they experienced outweighed any inconvenience. It really was a great event and pulled in an attendance greater than the Sugar Bowl. Almost 60,000 people in fact. To me those numbers clearly indicate that a bowl game in Birmingham is viable and can be a draw. Hopefully any problems encountered this year will provide an opportunity to make changes in the future.


BBVA Compass Bowl 2013 — 2 Comments

  1. Birmingham has just let the whole thing go to crap. It was a great venue… 25 years ago. They’ve tried to have some sort of pro football team for years, and they just have not been able to make it happen. So much stress was put on the “dome” that Legion Field has largely gone the way of Rickwood. It really is frustrating and sad.

  2. I guess I have been following the Legion Field story since 1993 and it has just been a slow progression of decay and apathy over the last 20 years. It’s really too bad that Birmingham can’t get out of its own way and move forward with some kind of facility that could be a centerpiece of revitalization.

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