New Year’s Resolution 2013 – #3

Emily on SwingThis is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter.  One of the reasons I love it is because I took it.  In the not too distant past I got really interested in photography.  I was never particularly good at it and I never had the opportunity to study things like proper composition, lighting, exposure or any of the real craft of photography but I still enjoyed it as a hobby.  I learned what I could, when I could but just never was able to make the next stage of evolution as a photographer.  Then, my camera started doing odd things and I couldn’t get it looked at so I just quit taking the camera out.  Over time, my picture taking stopped all together.  Now if I take a picture it is likely on my camera or occasionally on my iPad.  Nothing wrong with that but it certainly isn’t the same experience as using a DSLR and it generally doesn’t produce the same results.

The camera still may or may not have problems but I am making it a point in 2013 to take more pictures.  I’ll get the camera evaluated eventually but for now I think I will just use it the best way I can and see what happens.  It’s funny, but you can chart the age of my daughter by how many pictures we have in the picture file on our “server” computer.  The more pictures there are, the younger Emily is.  That sort of sucks because the older she gets, the more interesting and fun things we do.  I am kind of sad we haven’t documented that as well as her first bath.  Now is a good time to change that trend.

Happy shooting!

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