That Almost Ended Poorly

I was working yesterday on setting up a procedure where I can import old blog posts into this version and make them public again when a scary thing happened.  I imported everything and posted everything.  I guess it is not a big deal because it has all been public in the past but some of the posts don’t display correctly without some editing and others are just stuff I don’t really want out there again.  After a few moments of panic I realized that I could just restore the latest backup of the database and all would be well.  Thanks to for making daily backups!  I exported the whole thing first just in-case something went wrong and then restored the backup.  Things were back to normal after a few minutes and I was able to find a plugin that allows me to selectively choose which posts to import.  So, problem averted and I have a new source of old content going forward.

Just FYI, the first post I restored yesterday was my review of ZARDOZ.  A crazy film to be sure.

I am prepping for 2013 to be a much more productive year in blogging.  Looks like things are off to a good start.

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