Take it While You Can Get It

I often find myself bellyaching over the amount of time I spend at work.  It is not uncommon for my to have 50 – 60 hour work weeks.  Some of that work is almost always some level of physical labor including working outside in various weather conditions.  It can be hard work and it can be a struggle to feel motivated to care.  I get tired, I get burned out, and I get angry.  It is usually during the times when those feelings are strongest and my mood is at its darkest state when I am reminded how lucky I am to have the work at all.  Over the past few weeks I have seen friends and acquaintances lose their jobs.  Other people I know are underemployed for their education and experience.  These are smart, hardworking people that have just been hit by the current economic conditions.  The job market is brutal out there and I have to try to remember that no matter how trying and difficult my day might be, at least I have the opportunity to have a tough day AT WORK.  A lot of people would love to be in that position.  I need to be thankful for what I have as long as I have it.

I also worry about the day when I can no longer do the job I do.  Physically it gets harder every year.  It isn’t like I am doing a good job taking care of myself  but time takes its toll on everyone and I am feeling it these days.  Long days and late nights are harder to recover from and I am a lot slower doing tasks now than I was ten years ago.  It just takes longer for me to get things done.  I don’t know what that means career wise other than I am long do for a change.  If not just for my mental condition but also for my knees and back.  Sure I spend most of my working hours in an office but it is the days when I am not at the office that wear one me.  When I can’t do the work any more, what then?

Today I am thankful for what I have.  I know it might change tomorrow and I will deal with whatever comes but today I am thankful.  I won’t complain, I won’t whine, I will do what I need to do and be happy for it because everything might fall apart before I know it.

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