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I have been using Amazon’s Cloud Player recently and am becoming more of a fan on every use. Well, it is not so much the cloud player that I like, but the music storage feature. First off, Amazon gives free storage to all purchases made through the music store. Secondly, if you upload a music file that it can match to a file already in the database, Amazon upgrades it to a 256 Kbps file. Finally, the cloud player app is available for Android, iOS, Kindle and the web. I can basically stream all of my music from the cloud anywhere I have Internet access.

Amazon isn’t the first to do this but they may be the first to do it so well. At the moment I am using just the free service so I did have to choose what 250 songs (not including songs purchased through Amazon) to upload. Once I got it setup, using the service is a breeze. I currently use the Cloud Player on my Android phone and my iPad. The iPad app is really just the iOS phone app but I am excited to see an iPad optimized app at some point. Otherwise streaming works as advertised. I even set up the app on my wife’s devices so we could share an Amazon account and thus our music purchases. I’ve really found it convenient and easy to use.

There are a few downsides. The biggest I have found so far is that it doesn’t always get the tracks identified properly if you upload a full album. If any of the data on a track differs from other information on the other tracks, the album will show up in the player with the tracks out of order. Editing the file information is easy through the web interface but I had to figure out what track had the bad data first. Of course streaming is not always an option but if you have space on your device you can download the tracks. The free service allows for only 250 non-Amazon songs. If you want or need more storage then it is $24.95 a year for 250,000 songs. Not a bad deal in my opinion and it is something I am considering for myself.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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  1. My spouse uses the cloud on the Kindle Fire and loves it. Between that and our Spotify playlists that we can download and use even when there’s not wifi available, we’re covered.

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