WTF Was That?!

I woke up this morning with a weird memory of writing a blog post.  It was kind of like how you remember a dream as it starts to fade but I checked the website and sure enough there was a new post.  I know I wanted to try and write again starting October 1 and I guess I stuck to that goal.  What came out though is quite odd.

I got home yesterday feeling fairly sick.  Headache, nausea, exhaustion, etc.  Standard stuff for me about once every other week.  I decided to hit the hay fairly early and I guess I wrote that post in some kind of pre-sleep haze.  Clearly I wasn’t feeling very good but still had a bunch of random stuff floating around in what is left of my mind these days. I find it very interesting how the brain do things without the conscious mind really knowing what is happening and I guess that is exactly how things played out last night.  I even wrote the post on my iPad which takes no small amount of coordination when one is laying down sideways in bed and is half asleep.  All in all I guess the post could have been worse.  Still, even to me it is weird, random, and a bit unnerving.

Anyway, October is here and I have a goal of 31 days of blogging.  I find that I am really good at setting goals but not so good at actually meeting them.  I have no illusions of my own commitment to anything these days.  When it comes to self improvement I am unbelievably lazy.  I am not a lazy person but with matters of taking care of myself I am a huge failure.  I keep trying though so let’s see if I can make it this time.

As far yesterday, it stands as proof that sometimes I am not in my right mind.  Although, I have yet to have a true understanding of what my “right mind” really is.

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