And so the Third Age Approaches an End

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I am giving a lot of thought to simplifying my life.  I don’t know what that means exactly but I don’t feel very connected with what’s going on around me.  It is more like I am moving through life as though I were apart from it.  Every day is just kind of something I have to get through so I can get to the next day which leads to the next weekend which then bleeds into Monday again, ad infinitum.  So I am looking at things that maybe I can remove from my life to get down to the meat of my existence.  One of those things that I may have to lose is reading comic books.

There are plenty of reasons to lose the hobby.  One, it is expensive and getting more so all the time.  $2.99 a book seems small but start adding it up over a month and it can come to over $50.00 easily for me.  I currently subscribe to around 15 books a month and some of them carry a cover price of $3.99.  So, the expense while not exorbitant, is significant.  This leads into the second reason to quit and that is my wife.  It is one of those things she really doesn’t get and it creates friction in the family.  This is especially true when the expense comes through the checking account.  In a time when money is tight, such an apparently frivolous expense is hard for her to accept.  I understand that but I always looked at it as compensation for being the breadwinner.  That, view, seems quite selfish when you really look at it.  Thirdly, and this one is becoming a bigger issue, is the space requirements.  The available space to story the books I buy is shrinking.  I don’t give up possessions easily and my personal favorites less so.  I have boxes on top of boxes of books I will never read again but I find it hard to part with them.  I am thus missing a good chunk of closet space because of it.  I want a less cluttered house and a less cluttered life and these boxes are not helping.  Finally, I am realizing that comics have taken away from other reading, fiction and non-fiction alike.  I have read few books over the last few years and I think it is, in part, due to the hundreds of pages of comics that I have been reading.

So, comics may be on the chopping block for 2012.  It makes me sad because I really do enjoy the experience.  Of course there are options.  Digital comics are now available but the price on new issues is still cover price so while digital solves the storage problem it does not solve the expense problem.  I can shift to trades for some stuff, especially The Walking Dead, but there is some stuff I really don’t want in trade.  If they get cut, and it is still a big “IF”, then 2012 will effectively be the end of the Third Age of my comic book reading hobby.  I have chronicled both the First and Second Age here before and I hate to think the Third Age is coming to an end because I feel like some of the best stuff I have read has come out of this period.  Maybe just an evolution is needed and not a complete extinction.  Stay Tuned.


And so the Third Age Approaches an End — 2 Comments

  1. I just stumbled upon your site and read this entry here regarding the possibility of you getting rid of comic books. I know what I will say may sound cold but I meant it with all my heart.

    If your comic books really do create friction with your wife, and she “doesn’t really get it” – get rid of the wife.

    All the best!

  2. No, she certainly doesn’t get it but most people don’t. I just have to strike the right balance. I think made if I got rid of some of the mid 90s crap that I don’t care about anyway things would be OK.

    Stay Strong – Geek for Life!

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