Book Completed – The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo CabretMy daughter and I finished reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret last night.  We saw the movie last year and a friend loaned us a copy of the book.  We read the book over the last few weeks together and really enjoyed it.  The book only varies slightly from the film and overall I think the film is better in this case.  If you read my post on the film then you pretty much know the story here so there is no need to go over it all again.

What was different and unique about this book is that it tells the story through both words and images.  Sections of the book are told only though pictures.  The structure fits this story well and honestly I could have done with some more illustrations.  They are quite nicely done and really add to the overall work.  This is, at its heart, a book about the art of creation and art’s ability to inspire.  I think if it was possible the author would also have included moving pictures but that is, as of yet, not a reality for the printed page.

Reading with my daughter is a special time.  Even though she has long since reached the age where she can read on her own, I think she still enjoys our bedtime reading together.  I try to give the characters different voices and give each story we read some texture.  I know I don’t always succeed but it is still fun for both of us to have this special time together.  We haven’t picked our next book yet so I am on the look out for something unique and fun to read.  We started working through Harry Potter last year or so but that project bogged down in book four.  I think the story slows down in that book and Emily certainly has lost interest.  I need to find something soon though because I feel like this reading time may be near its end.  Kids grow up and stop wanting their parents’ to read to them.  She might not miss it but I will.


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