Do or Do Not. There is no Try.

I attempted to fix two iPods yesterday.  I had one success and one miserable failure.  I had two sets of parts.  One that cost me about $30.00 and one that cost me about $90.00.  Guess which one failed?  Did you guess the $30.00 repair?  If you did, you must be new around here and don’t know how things go for me.  No, it was the $90.00 repair.

A year ago my wife bought me a new iPod Touch for Christmas.  I had been using an iPod Video for years and was very happy with it.  I listen to a great many hours of various podcasts per month and the iPod Video had served me well.  After about 3 years, however, the battery was completely dead and I had real problems keeping it working even when plugged in.  During the year prior to that Christmas I had purchased my wife an iPad to replace the laptop  which got accidental busted about 2 months after purchasing it for the previous Christmas.  The laptop would stay broken for 2 years until about 2 weeks ago when I finally had the cash to repair it.  A repair, incidentally, that went surprisingly well.  Anyway, during the last year of my iPod Video’s life I fell in love with the iPad and, more specifically, iOS.  It was for that reason that we agreed that I could get the iPod Touch for Christmas last year.  I wasn’t in a position to get an iPhone as it wasn’t released on Sprint yet and I wasn’t due for an upgrade to something like a new Android phone.  The iPod Touch filled the void.

Not too long after having the iPod Touch I cracked the screen down near the home button.  It was a small crack and nothing I was concerned about, just an annoyance really.  I have really enjoyed using the device over the past year and the small blemish was never a concern.  Fast forward to the early part of last week.  I got out of the car with the iPod in my hand and as I was getting my key for the front door out of my pocket, the iPod slipped from my hand and landed, face down, on the sidewalk.  Instant busted iPod.  I was devastated.  I use it all the time and it was now seriously cracked.  After bellyaching about it for a day we decided to use some of our Christmas money to get it fixed.  I also decided to do it myself.  The directions at seemed straight forward and I have been a tinkerer for years.  I felt I could do it.  I ordered the parts and while on the site I found that getting a replacement battery and front face for my old iPod wasn’t too expensive and I ordered those parts as well.

The parts arrived yesterday.  I fixed the iPod Video and and it came out beautifully and is working perfectly.  It was then off to the more delicate repair of the iPod Touch.  Everything went well until I got to the final step.  Reattaching the screen to the rest of the unit.  The glass and digitizer are held onto the case by adhesive.  I had real problems getting the adhesive in the right places and when I put the screen down it wasn’t quite attached.  I pressed around the edges and that is when I heard a crunch.  I turned on the iPod which was working beautifully only moments ago to see that I had cracked the LCD digitzer.  The part was useless and I had wasted $90.00.  I was crushed.  I felt even worse considering the high I had been on after repairing the notebook and my old iPod.  The rest of my day was awful.  I could not enjoy dinner with my family and I was snapping at everyone and just very pissy in general.  I felt really bad about that.  I tend to get that way when I am mad at myself.

I went to bed feeling awful about both wasting the money on the part when I could have had it fixed by an experienced technician for about the same price and for my failure at the repair.  It is these kind of failures that really seem to set me back when it comes to confidence in myself.  I’ve broken enough things trying to “fix” them that I really should know better anyway.  I just always feel like I can do it when, in reality, I am just as likely to make things worse.

I woke up this morning feeling better about the situation.  I will eventually send the unit out and get it fixed properly.  I found a site, that seems to be a good place to try.  The repair is going to cost me about the same as the part I bought.  I guess it is a $90.00 lesson in taking on something that I shouldn’t take on.  Well, the bigger lesson is to pay a little upfront to protect your property, in this situation an $40.00 case would have kept the entire issue from ever happening.  The good news out of all of this is that my old iPod is working and I can use that for the time being.  I suppose one can always find some success in failure.

Oh well, there is always next time.


Do or Do Not. There is no Try. — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve got the same issue right now. I have not tried to repair it yet. I have the current generation iTouch. Can you share which kit you got? Thanks for the tips!

  2. Yeah, I got it from Just go to the site, select iPod and eventually it will ask for either your model or serial # and it will come up with the right kit for your model. if this is for the iPod touch I recommend you look at both the iFixit guide and other online videos on how to disassemble the unit. Also, be sure you know how to handle the adhesive and where to put it before you actually get to sticking the screen back down. That is where I made a mistake. Honestly, getting it repaired by went really well and cost about the same as the repair kit. I would consider letting someone else do it unless you feel completely confident in what you are doing and even then some experience probably helps.

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