30 Days Redux

I tried a 30 day challenge recently and failed. In fact, I failed fairly miserably. If you are interested you can read about the challenge in a previous post.  I don’t know exactly why I failed.  Maybe it was just laziness or inconvenience.  The reasons don’t matter only the failed results matter.

The problem, however, still exists and is still pressing.  I’m worried about myself.  I don’t feel good and that needs to change.  So, I am going to try again.  This time I am going to try and make things a little easier but the result will be just as powerful.

I have found that if I can stay away from liquids other than water that I feel much better.  If I can drink a large amount of water and basically stay well hydrated I almost feel great.  My breathing is certainly better.  I have been mostly drinking only water for months now but the sodas keep creeping in.  I just have to try harder at staying away.  So, in the spirit of the 30 day challenge, I am going to try the following…again.  No drinks other than water for the month of November.  Actually I am already a day ahead but it is good to get a head start.

I feel like I just have to keep trying and if I do eventually I will make some progress.


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