Shadow and Claw

I haven’t read much over the last few years.  Still probably more than most people but no where near the volume of anyone who calls themselves a “reader”.  I can give a whole host of reasons for this evolution in my reading patterns but really they don’t hold a lot of water.  I think I have heard it said that Teddy Roosevelt read 2 to 3 books a day WHILE PRESIDENT.  That pretty much means there is no good excuse for not reading.  I think, however, I have figured out something with regards to my reading volume.

Shadow and ClawAt some point my choice of books started to stagnate.   I got stuck in reading a few authors and long, drawn out fantasy series.  I believe I just got bored.  That is why I am trying to pick up new authors and new genres.  Well, not so much the new genre thing.  I am still going to stick to Sci-Fi but within that category I am trying some new things.  I have recently read some Neal Stephenson and Robert Heinlein which I enjoyed quite a bit and I am now engrossed in reading Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun tetralogy.

I am only about 35% into the first volume of the series but I have really enjoyed it thus far.  When I am excited about reading I get to where I don’t want to stop.  I read at stop lights while driving to work or I will skip lunch and just read for an hour.  That is the way it is going with this book.  I wouldn’t say it is exciting or mind blowing but it has presented a completely different world to me and I believe that is what is keeping me engrossed.  I have read future Earth works and dystopian novels in the past but this book is different enough to keep me engaged.  What is really nice is that I am not just reading the same story over again like I have done with Stephen King.  I love his work but having read almost his entire collection of published novels I feel like I can see where his stories are going long before they get there.  That may be the reason why the only things I seem to be able to get into lately are works by new authors.  Whatever the reason, it is great to be excited about reading again.  I don’t want to do a “review” at this point because I haven’t reached the end yet but it will come in time.

I always like suggestions for books to read.  I can’t promise I will take them but I certainly will consider any recommendations any other reader out there might have.


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