And Now I Love Spotify!

SpotifyWhen Spotify first rolled out the the US market a few weeks ago I wasn’t exactly impressed.  I was lucky enough to get an invitation but after about ten minutes of using the software I found that it didn’t really offer anything for me.  I didn’t want to pay for mobile access and I felt searching for songs and albums to make a playlist was a little much.  That is why I like Pandora.  I can just create a channel and let it play.  I get plenty of music from various artists that all fit the theme of the station.  I felt Spotify might be a nice iTunes replacement but otherwise I was sticking to Pandora.  That was until I discovered there is more than just music on Spotify.

I had a nice conversation with a friend over the weekend about watching hours and hours of stand-up comedy when we were kids.  Back when Comedy Central first started, as The Comedy Channel, they played tons of stand-up.  That was the majority of the programming.  I got addicted to stand-up during my high school years and have been a fan ever since.  Sadly, good stand-up on TV has mostly disappeared.  After my conversation over the weekend I was really missing those days and on a whim booted up Spotify to see if, by chance, any comedy was on there.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised.  There is tons of stuff on there!  In fact, I haven’t looked for anything yet that I haven’t found.   Ooops, I take that back.  I just went looking for some Bill Hicks and the selection is short but hey, I guess you can’t win it all.  Otherwise, I have been very impressed with the selection.  In fact, having access to this stuff is almost worth a subscription.  Almost.

At $5.00 I think I would be in.  Yes, there is a plan at that price but it doesn’t include mobile.  That is a deal breaker for me.  Spotify just doesn’t have value to me if I have to pay $10.00 for mobile access.  I really like the service.  I really like the software, but the price point doesn’t fit my perception of adequate value.  I can’t really explain why but it just seems like a little much.  That’s too bad too because over the last 12 hours or so I have really begun to enjoy something I originally dismissed.

So, I guess I love Spotify but not enough to actually help fund the service.  Is that wrong?

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