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Turner Field

Turner Field - Atlanta

I am a sports fan.  I am not, however, fanatical about any particular sport or any specific team.  Sure I prefer UAB teams over most other teams but I am not a typical, overzealous fan.  I just enjoy watching sports.  Of course there are some sports I enjoy more than others.  I really enjoy basketball but I don’t really care much for hockey.  I love a good international soccer match but I can’t say I would spend much time watching cricket.  In general though I can find something enjoyable in just about any sport.  I have seen plenty of live college sporting events and even different minor league professional events but I have never seen a top level professional game.  I have been to Olympic soccer matches and even some exhibition games with other professional teams but never have I been to a regular season, professional game of any kind.

I have never been to an NBA game, never sat in a MLB park, and never gone to an NFL event.  Only recently have I even cared about this little quirk in my sports fan resume.  I have always been more of a college sports fan.  No real reason except that I can usually afford to go to college games.  That, and there are no professional teams in the Birmingham area.  Lately, however, I have had a real desire to have the pro sports experience.  Atlanta is only a few hours away and there are a wealth of pro teams there to choose from.  With summer coming I am really thinking I would like to see a Braves game.  Baseball is far from my favorite sport but a nice day at the ballpark is something I enjoy.  I can get this experience locally with the Birmingham Barons, but it just can’t be the same as a Major League game.  I am looking for an opportunity to go to a Braves game that won’t cost me a fortune.  I know plenty of people who make this trip as a regular event but for me it is kind of akin to going to DisneyWorld for the first time.  I hope I can make it happen.

There are other opportunities in Atlanta as well.  I used to be a huge NBA fan but since high school the league lost my attention.  I would not, however, turn away an opportunity to see the Hawks play.  The same goes for the Atlanta Falcons.  About the only time I watch the NFL is on Super Bowl Sunday but again I would happily sit in the stands to watch the Falcons.  There is something about that upper echelon sporting experience that is attractive to me.  I am sure once I have the experience it won’t be as exciting but today it is on my “bucket list” and I really hope this year I get to scratch that one off.

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