Digital Obsession

One of the few consistent interests in my life is technology.  Generally this interest takes the form of obsession with consumer based gadgetry.  From a very early age I can remember really enjoying just about anything that ran on electricity.  The obsession, however, has a dark and dangerous downside.  It is a passion that requires consistent investment as technology is always changing.  From game systems, to iProducts, to PCs, to home theater equipment there is always this irrational but pressing need to upgrade and try out the latest “thing”.  What’s worse is that as our society screams toward a time when EVERYTHING is networked and on-line, the pressure to constantly replace electronics is even greater.  Of course when your career is technology sometimes saying “no” to a particular upgrade is a difficult thing to do.

I continue to struggle with this problem.  It is a stupid problem considering there are plenty of people in the world that have real struggles like getting medical services or putting food on the table.  When it comes to my career, however, it is fairly important.  I need to know how things work.  I need to have experience with current generation operating systems.  I need to have a good understanding of how mobile devices fit into a corporate infrastructure.  I need to be on the cutting edge to be valuable to my employer and my customers.  Lately, however, I can’t seem to afford this kind of experience and training.  Trying to keep up has been difficult.  I cant buy a new PC every 12 months.  I can’t buy a MacBook just so I can learn how to use it.  It all makes me feel like every day I am missing things I need to know.  Maybe this is my own personal perception and not a reality but it worries me.  It worries me in that I may have trouble in the future being qualified for a job in technology.  I try to expose myself as much as I can but sometimes I feel that world slipping through my fingers.

I guess the best I can do is keep trying to learn something new every day.  Otherwise, I will need to give up this passions for something more controllable…or at least something cheaper.  Maybe I can learn to be a plumber.  Maybe plumbing technology doesn’t change as fast.


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  1. hey,i completely agree with you how stressful can it get.being a student in technology with a syllabus which deals with decades older technology,its stressful as I am convinced I know nothing which needs to be known.Then again,starting that and keeping up is again getting difficult,since its difficult for me to know things superficially and be satisfied with that.Like the latest upgrade of so n so OS, it contains all of these n features.I find myself asking ,whats the code written to make them,what are the interconnecting modules,etc.
    Basically , too much of random information just gets to you after a point..

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