Cutting the Cable

I am getting increasingly frustrated with the cost of television these days.  Currently I subscribe to the cheapest plan with Dish Network and my bill is still over $50.00 a month.  Dish just raised all accounts by $5.00 and hid the notification in a letter announcing how they have added a bunch of STARZ movie channels at no charge.  How is it that my bill went up $5.00 and something was added at “no charge”?  What is worse is that everything on the “new” channels is available on Netflix streaming which I already pay for.  So, in reality I am paying $5.00 more for the same service I was getting before!  No matter how Dish tries to cover this up it is still a price increase.  Shame on you Dish Network.  Shame!

The price increase only makes me consider other options more seriously.  I already pay for Netflix and Xbox Live, which includes the ESPN 360 app, and I am currently in the second month of a three month Hulu+ trial.  Between these three services and over-the-air HD I get around 90% of the programming I regularly watch on Dish.  I feel that I could pay for the Hulu+ services and cancel dish entirely and not miss a thing while saving money at the same time.  There are downsides.  First, there isn’t a lot of kids programming available on those alternative services.  Second, I would lose the convenience of the DVR.  I could go out and buy something to replace it but it would not be as easy to work.  Especially for my wife and daughter.  Thirdly, I absolutely can not get ABC over-the-air where I live.  I have tried everything outside of mounting a big pole on the roof and I can just never get that channel.  I can’t replace Dish completely but I can come fairly close.

I think, however, there would be a bigger advantage to cutting the cord.  I really believe it would result in us watching less television and only good can come from such a lifestyle change.  Certainly just about everyone could do with a little less TV and a little more reading and family interaction.  Of course this would also make it easier for me to get some more exercise, work on projects at the house, blog more often, work on my photography, learn a new technology, etc., etc., etc.  In fact, it really appear to be a win-win type of situation.

It is something I am still considering but I think the deadline will be the end of the Hulu+ trial which isn’t that far off.  Any other opinions out there?


Cutting the Cable — 2 Comments

  1. re: kid’s programming, all of PBSkids, Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. and Disney have most of their progams’ past seasons on Netflix… and all of those sites put current episodes on their websites.

    We’ve been dishless/cable-less for about a year and a half now. The only drawback for me is the college football games that aren’t broadcast locally… but with the in-fighting, controversy and whining, I’m about over it. I think I might just skip this season altogether and find something productive to do with my Saturdays.

    For Melinda, the drawback is that Food Network, Discover and TLC have a very limited offering on ANY medium outside of their channels. Even their websites suck.

    • The loss of Discovery would be a big deal. I am still on the fence about it but my free HULU + subscription is about to run out so I will need to make a decision soon. Honestly though, I am not using HULU + as much as I thought I might.

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