Moving on Up

WordPressI have pretty much decided that it is time to leave MoveableType.  I have, of course, toyed and tried this before and ultimately came running back to MT but I think this is the end.  It is not that I don’t like MT because I do but the change has more to do with no-one really using MT on a personal level anymore.  There just isn’t a community built around MT as there is for WordPress.  It seems to me, based on what is admittedly very little in-depth research, that the WordPress platform just has more resources available.  From Templates to Widgets to community forums WP is just a more widely used and supported platform.

With that said, the transition will be slow.  I know this blog has been in flux for some years now and I suspect it will continue to be so for some time but at least I feel a little more excitement about moving platforms than I have about the whole “blog” concept in some time.  I am toying with restoring some of my favorite posts from the blog archives once I get the site migrated.  All of the last 40 posts should make the transition even though I will have to rebuild some of the images.  Of course only a select few posts from the years going back to 2003 will every make it back to the site but it would be nice to see some of that old content come back.  I think I had a few good posts back in the day.  I guess even monkeys can get lucky sometimes.

Anyway, as things are transitioning I will be hosting my test blog over at  Hopefully I can get things up there and then migrate them here.  Hopefully.  Until then if you are a WordPress user and have advice or information to share please let me know.

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