Self Censorship

SilencedSeptember has come and gone and little here has changed.  It seems last month (and well into October) was quite busy for me.  Things went well but I had little time for hobbies which meant the things I wanted to do here got left on the “To Do List”.  No big deal really but things certainly did not progress.  Ultimately I am not to concerned but I am a little disappointed in myself.  Nothing new there I suppose.

Anyway, I think one of the reasons I have not blogged much lately is that I feel my voice has been effectively cut off.  My family is becoming a part of the local community and the things I would like to talk about, the things that really get me going, are also topics that most people in our sleepy, suburban, southern town generally avoid.  Well, they avoid the topics or are downright hostile towards such subjects.  So I am left talking about being a geek, a dad, and pop culture.  All worthy topics when done well (and I am not suggesting my writing does those topics justice) but nothing that really provides me the opportunity to get truly passionate about a subject.  The neutering of that voice has led to a certain level of disinterest in writing.  A good writer could handle any subject, controversial or not, in a way that would allow them to write and keep the readers attention while not potentially showing themselves in a bad light.  A good writer, however, I am not.

Today I am on the fence about something.  Something that really has my blood boiling.  Something about which I desperately want to write.  If I do it, however, I could end up eroding my family’s position in our community.  This goes especially for my wife and daughter.  I hate having to weigh the consequences to them in a free society but that is how it is in our reality.  Of course the freedom to say what you want does not give one absolution from consequences.  That is the little catch in the whole freedom of speech thing.

So here I sit wondering what to do next.  I honestly don’t know which way to go but I can say this…I am leaning toward the angry rant.  Self control might lose this one folks and if so…hold on to your potatoes!

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