The Curse

There has been a long standing joke in my family about a curse on the bloodline.  I don’t know when this might have first started but my first real memory of something insane and unexpected happening occurred in 1985.  That was the year we relocated to Alabama.  The break-up of AT&T resulted in my father being transferred from his (and our) hometown of Winchester, Kentucky to the unknown wilderness of Birmingham, Alabama.  During the moving process a most unexpected event occurred.  The truck that contained just about all of our earthly possession wrecked when a deer darted out into the highway.  The driver hit the deer and rolled the 18 wheeler onto its side.  Much of what we owned was either destroyed or lost and my parents had to go through mountains of paperwork to get it all replaced.  Even then some things were gone forever. 

After that things seem to have ramped up as far as the “curse” goes.  Mom fell down the stairs and was bedridden for weeks.  Dad had his car stolen on Christmas with presents in the trunk.  Our van broke down while heading to Disney World for Vacation.  Our boat left us stranded at the lake in a rainstorm.  The list of unfortunate events goes on and on and even though we all knew that things just happen, eventually we just started talking about “The Moore Curse”.  It became the new way to refer to whatever everyone else calls “bad luck”.

The curse, however, seems to have been passed down to my generation.  Over the last week we have been hit again and if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know what I am talking about.  My wife had an accident on Friday which left her in pain for hours as we struggled to get the ER to give her something for the pain while waiting for the doctor.  Then, on, Tuesday her doctor’s office sent her out looking for a brace that they should have had.  Of course no where she went could or would help her.  Then, to top it all off, she spotted a nail in her tire…a tire that literally is only one month old.  The curse strikes again.

Oh, there are many more incidents like this that I could go through but ultimately life is what it is.  There is nothing supernatural about it.  Bad things happen.  So do good things (it has been a while but they do happen).  It seems, however, we have more than our share of bad and less of the good.  I am kind of hoping the good is weighted toward the end of my life and that I am approaching some kind of turning point.  This week, pretty much since Father’s Day really, has been rough and “The Curse is on my mind quite a bit.  We still laugh when we talk about it but the chuckles aren’t quite as loud as they used to be and the laughter at times seems a bit strained.  It is almost as though we try not to mention it as much just in case talking about “the curse” results in something happening.  Completely irrational for sure but sometimes the evidence is hard to brush off.

I don’t much believe in the supernatural but if I felt sacrificing some kind of farm animal might help I don’t think I would be above such an action.  Any thoughts? 


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