Ok, I Give Up

It looks like I am going to just have to give in and let the political commentary take over this blog for the time being.  Today, I post a video strictly for humor purposes.  I don’t really like Bill Maher.  I don’t dislike him either but I would not consider myself a fan.  Regardless of those feelings, however, I think the following is pretty darn funny.  Seriously, if you are reading this on Facebook be sure to come over to the blog (www.anutterwasteoftime.com) and check out the video. 

The little “ROLL TIDE” bit at the end was absolute genius!

The period leading up to November should provide plenty of comedy fuel and I am looking forward to it.


Ok, I Give Up — 2 Comments

  1. LOL! It isn’t real political commentary since evolution was a hot button issue in 1925 with the Scopes Trial. I think they use the outdated stuff to avoid talking about real issues. I guess the next thing they could argue about is desegregation, since they are probably also stupid enough not to remember that schools, bathrooms and transit are already desegregated.
    You should Tweet that video – good stuff.

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