Some Things you just can’t Ignore

I don’t have an overriding vision for this website.  I don’t want this site to be known as a political blog just like I don’t want it to be known as an “atheist” blog.  I don’t even know if I want the site to be known at all.  I don’t pretend that it is anything more than what the title says it is
and it is thus with some trepidation that I find myself again writing
about Alabama politics.  The following ad, however I just can’t ignore.

I became aware of this ad a few days ago and decided it wasn’t worth mentioning but it seems that the ad is gaining some steam out on the internet tubes so I thought maybe I should give a comment. At the very least those of you that haven’t seen it will get a few moments of entertainment.

I don’t suppose I care much about who is the Commissioner of Agriculture in Alabama.  I probably should care as agriculture is kind of important but I guess I just don’t know enough about that job.  This ad, however, may change my thinking on the subjust.  Apparently agriculture is an untamed wasteland akin to the American West of the 1800s.    You see, Dale Peterson isn’t just running for office, he is “After” the position like a lion stalking his prey and Mr. Peterson is bringing a gun to get it.  “This shit just got real!” as the kids like to say.  Unbeknownst to me, agriculture is as much about stealing campaign signs and busing in illegals as it is about pesticides, planting seasons, and predicting the weather.  Agriculture is a dirty business and we need someone like Dale “God Damn” Peterson to clean it up!

I do have some concerns about Mr. Peterson.  First, it seems like he has had quite a few professions in his life.  I don’t know if he has a problem sticking with things or is just one of those guys who just likes to move around a lot.  It does, however, make me question if he will stick around the entire term.  Second, does the Commissioner of Agriculture work out of Montgomery?  He might need to trade in that horse for a Prius if he has to start commuting.  Third, is the choppy editing what we can expect from the Peterson era?  Seriously folks, we can’t stand by and let someone create bad agricultural videos in Alabama can we?  We must look out for our epileptic bretheren.  Finally, Mr. Peterson says he won’t take any prisoners.  So what exactly does he plan to do with all those illegals he is so upset about?  I see the gun so I can makes some assumptions.  What I wonder is can Alabama really stomach such a bloodbath?  In comparison, however, the Tim James platform of a single language for driver’s license testing seems a bit pale.

Snarky humor aside, things are really looking up for Alabama this year.  Based on the early goings, this election season should be fan-freaking-tastic! 

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