Alabama Politics – Where Dumb Really Gets It’s Due

I know Alabama doesn’t have a monopoly on dumb.  To use a popular expression “Thank God for Mississippi” right?  There are some days, however, when I really think my brain is going to leak out of my ears and head off to parts unknown because it just can’t take the level of stupidity it is forced to deal with on a regular basis.  It seems there are more of those days every four years.  The reason for this pattern, of course, has to do with elections.  Specifically gubernatorial elections.   This year the fine, upstanding citizens of the great state of Alabama will go to the polls and elect a new governor.  We have a rich tradition of outstanding governors including the likes of admitted racist George Wallace, convicted felon Guy Hunt, anti-evolutionist Fob James, and convicted felon Don Siegelman.  It is therefore imperative that we elect another quality candidate that will continue to bring Alabama the notoriety it so richly deserves. 

A few weeks back I posted a video that has since become a nationwide phenomenon.  If you missed it, here it is again.

Ah yes, the fruit of the loins of the famous (infamous) Fob James has entered the race and is trying to take over where his daddy left off by sticking it to all them feriners. Sorry if that last word there looks funny but that’s how they say it around here. There has been plenty said about this ad already so I won’t belabor the point, but it is always fun to see a train wreck in action right?  I will post this video though as I think it is pretty funny while being quite the biting political commentary.

As much as I love commenting on the Tim James campaign, another video has been airing recently that I just can’t ignore. 


Of course what gets me in this ad is the implied disdain for evolution.  Looks folks, evolution is as close to a scientific fact that you are ever going to find.  Evolution as a biological process can be seen, tested, and documented.  Evolution happens and it is this reason why evolution is not only a valid course of study but an essential one.  We can debate the origins of the universe and even the origins of biological life (evolution does not attempt to answer these questions only describe a process in which life changes) but evolution as a process is real and undeniable.  We, the viewers, I guess are supposed to associate Bradley Byrne with the anti-bible, anti-creationist crowd and thus conclude he can’t possibly be a true conservative, whatever that means.  So apparently to be a conservative you have to be against all that fancy book lern’n.  At least that is the impression I get.    

That point aside, clearly this ad has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare and well being of the citizens of Alabama.  Of course smearing candidates is what Alabama politics does best.  The ad does not address Byrne’s platform not does it address why conservative ideology might have merit in the upcoming election.  This is the point where I get really pissed of about politics.  It seems like so often that the reason we are supposed to vote for candidate A is because candidate B is a worse choice.  Candidate A doesn’t have to win on ideas but just has to prove why candidate B sucks.  In the end we are left with people who don’t know what they are doing but at least they aren’t the other guy.  Pretty sad way to elect leaders in my opinion. 

One thing I do want to say is that the ad certainly has a point.  If Byrne is pretending to be someone he is not then that is a pretty good reason not to vote for him.  What I would rather see, however, is why I SHOULD vote for a particular candidate.  I’d love to see someone who can prove they are a worthy leader.  Someone who has a vision rather than someone who criticizes the vision of others.  Ultimately, however, I just want election season to be over. 

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Alabama Politics – Where Dumb Really Gets It’s Due — 2 Comments

  1. I dislike election season, too. It is true that the James family does not believe in evolution. That is a scary thought that someone so backwards might regain power in this state.
    I will probably vote in the R primary just to vote against James, and will vote for the most likely candidate to beat him.
    Artur Davis will probably get the D primary fairly easily (I think), so I might as well use my vote where it can make more of a difference.

  2. I have always felt voting in a primary in order keep a particular candidate from winning to be a little dirty but it is legal in Alabama so I can’t really say too much about the practice.
    I am trying to learn more about Davis. I like some of the things I hear but I don’t know enough yet to come out in his favor. My libertarian leanings make it hard to come out for any democrat or republican but I certainly feel the Alabama brand of conservatism is pretty bad for the state.
    Tim James, however, is mentally deficient and if he wins I really do think I will have to try and move out of this state. I might not be able to do it but I will try.

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