Buck Creek Festival – 2010

Buck Creek Festival - 2010

We took some time this weekend to attend the Buck Creek Festival in our home town of Helena, AL this Saturday. My wife actually spent some time volunteering with the Friends of Helena Library by dressing up as The Cat in the Hat for a few hours. While we all had a good time I couldn’t help leaving feeling a little sad for Helena.

This picture illustrates the problem. Other than my daughter, one of the big things that sticks out, at least to me, is the old tire in the background. Not only does it ruin this picture but it also shows the condition of the park where the festival takes place. There are more tires in the water along with a myriad of other pieces of junk, glass, appliance parts, discarded landscape bricks, and trash strewn about the area. Every time we go to the park I find myself picking up trash, mostly glass in the playground, but I never seem to make a difference. It just kills me that what could be a beautiful area has to fall victim to such neglect.

Of course I have to admit that the problem isn’t entirely the local’s fault. The creek has a habit of flooding quite badly during heavy rains and my suspicion is that at least some of the junk that ends up in the park is due to the flooding. Still, I think we as citizens could do a better job keeping the place clean. Well, that and not throwing tires in the creek of course.

I guess there needs to be a Friends of Buck Creek Park. Emily and I agree on that anyway. Maybe there already is a group like this. If so, please let me know as I might be interested in joining. Otherwise, maybe I should start one. It wouldn’t take too much effort to clean the place up a bit. Getting a crew out even once a month would go a long way to making it a nicer place.

I just hate to think that on the one day when we really want to showcase our city, visitors have to strategically avoid certain shots so as not to have trash as the background of their photographs or be sure their children wear good shoes so they don’t have to worry about slicing their feet open or having to go get a tetanus shot.


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  1. FROM http://helena-alabama.blogspot.com/
    The big event this weekend is the Cahaba River Cleanup sponsored by the Civitans in Helena: “This year’s location will be Helena, AL at Buck’s Creek and take out at Hwy 52. The initial staging and Registration will be at Buck Park and will run from 7am to 8am. The estimated finish time is between 12noon and 1pm. Lunch will be served upon return to Buck Park”– Cahaba Cleanup Website.

  2. Yes, I now know about this. I posted a question to Hewy’s blog about the event which he hasn’t approved yet.
    In short, my question is this:
    Does the above mentioned event cover the whole park area or just the creek and bank area from the falls to 52? Generally my family uses the park more than the creek and I would like to see and even be part of a cleanup of the entire park area. Sadly this weekend isn’t possible for us but I certainly would be interested in similar events at the park in the future.

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