For some time now I have been fairly indifferent to my career in technology.  Whether it is because of lack of resources, lack of a peer group that shares my challenges, lack of continuing education, or just overall malaise with the industry as a whole I just haven’t felt like caring much about the world I work in every day.  This week, however, I am finding my passion for technology renewed…at least a little bit. 

I am writing this post from a terminal at a convention sponsored by Microsoft.  I have spent two days immersed in software and services that I use on a daily basis and I have two more days yet to go.  As I get the opportunity to talk to some really intelligent people doing really cool things I am reminded of the joy I once took out of working with software to solve business challenges.  This world can really be fun when you have the opportunity to take a problem and solve it will really cool tools and as a part of a team of awesome people.  I don’t get to do much of that these days and it really is a shame.  This conference, however, has just been a reminder that I can still make a difference even when I have little real power to change things.  I think by the end I will be ready to return to work with a little more desire to get some things done and to really try and implement some simple solutions that can impact the company in big ways.

I hope that as the year goes along the economy continues to strengthen and I can try out some of the stuff I am seeing this week.  If not, maybe I can play with it in another venue as a hobby.  Whatever happens, however, I am just glad to be here for these few days so I can see everything isn’t as trying as things for me have been for the past few years.  I am looking forward to a couple of great days.  My only wish is tha I was in Orlando and not Atlanta.  I wouldn’t have minded a little sun and fun but I guess behind in Atlanta is better than being at my desk.

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