The Pale Blue Dot

*****Updated 5/17/2010*****

I have a version of the video formatted for this website.


No matter how many times I write about the “Pale Blue Dot” passage by Carl Sagan I am always compelled to listen to the speech when ever it comes up.  I can’t think of any other words that seem to affect me as much as these words do.  The multitude of videos that exist that use Sagan’s speech as a background are of varying levels of quality but no matter how well or poorly the visuals are, the words transcend any attempt to create the same feelings visually.  The version shown above uses great moments in film and is well done but even as I watched the video I only casually registered the clips.  I was caught up in the understanding of how insignificant we are in the cosmos and by the idea that it is that very insignificance that makes our lives so precious and so important. 

I spent the weekend with my family doing fairly mundane things.  We went to a birthday party, we played outside, we went hiking but what we really did was take time to just enjoy life.  It is in these little things that I find the most joy.  The most expensive, destination vacation can never compare to the few hours I spent in the woods with my wife and daughter just enjoying a beautiful spring day.  It is so hard to let go of the things we think are important and just be happy to be alive.  Hearing Sagan’s words reminds me that no matter how crushed I feel under the weight of responsibility none of it really matters but using the time I have to enjoy the world around me.  It is in those few, fleeting moments that I think I come closest to understanding the purpose of our lives.

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