Here Comes the Sun

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

I don’t normally look forward to summer.  Here in the south summer is brutal.  It is doubly brutal for people like myself who have fairly long commutes in the afternoon and drive cars without air conditioning.  I don’t want to spend the upwards of $1500 to get the compressor fixed in my truck so I am stuck in the hot seat in the afternoons.  Overall, this makes me dread the coming summer.  Something about this year, however, is different.  I am looking forward to the change of season this year.

Maybe it is because of the colder than normal winter we had but I am really ready for a change.  Of course there are other things like teaching my daughter to ride a bike and working outside on the house and in the yard that make the summer attractive but I think mostly I just really want some sun.  Lately I have been feeling boxed in forced to spend too much time indoors for my job or because of weather.  I have this strong need to be outside more and since the time change the urge has been extra strong.  I just feel like this well be a good summer for my family even if we spend most of that time just having fun at the park.  My hope is to find a way to make at least one beach trip but those plans are still up in the air at the moment.

Mostly I am just ready to enjoy some warm weather and good times.

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