Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat

SmurfsGetting up early on Saturday mornings was a ritual for me as a child.  I don’t suppose I was often still in bed by 8:00 and I am sure some days I was out as early as 6:00.  This was, of course, those heady days in the 80s when Saturday morning cartoons was the rule on the TV networks and not the exception.  I remember the hours wasted away watching cartoons like The Smurfs, Dungeons and Dragons, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Pac-Man, and even the one where the guy turns into a car.  Of course nothing can beat Super Friends which was always the perfect cap for the morning.  It was campy, full of non-canon characters and 100% awesome.  Seriously, if Super Friends was on today it would be Must-See-TV.

It is with quite a bit of sadness that I have come to realize my daughter will not have this experience.  Sure there are channels like The Cartoon Network and BOOM that show plenty of cartoons around the clock it just isn’t the same.  I am sure no kid today gets up and runs to the family TV, they probably have one in their room, in the hopes of catching Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman zip off on another irreverent historical adventure before the clocks strikes 7.  No, today cartoons, both good and bad, are available any where, any time.  It seems to me that this abundant availability reduces the value of what was once so important to kids across the country.  I love SpongeBob as much as the next guy but really how can that toon compare to 30 minutes of high adventure with a talking Rubik’s Cube?

Personally, I think the death of the Saturday morning cartoon is directly responsible for both the decay in American society and the destruction of our economy.  Whadaya say we bring them back?

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