The Cell Phone Camera Scourge

Coca-Cola Museum

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The modern age of electronics brings with it a scourge to tourist destinations everywhere and that scourge is the camera phone.

The camera phone seems to be a great invention but the issue is that everyone has one and I mean everyone. From preteens to the geriatric set everyone is carrying a camera phone these days. While the technology itself is convenient in moderation, it is a royal pain in the rear in practice. Can’t see why? Let me explain…

Take a trip out to one of America’s great tourist destinations. It doesn’t matter where just pick one and go. What you will find is thousands of people, all with camera phones and all taking pictures of everything…all the freaking time. So, what 10 years ago was one camera per family is now four or more cameras per family. If you do my little experiment the problem will be clear. Basically, it take 4 times as long to see something because people are taking that many more pictures. Therefore, people end up lingering longer trying to get a shot with what is still pretty bad hardware. This backs up lines and just causes chaos. Of course in the current society where courtesy has all but disappeared patrons are also subjected to people jamming their arms into the field of view to gut that critical, low res photo. Camera phones are just murder when it comes to people getting the opportunity to enjoy the attractions they have paid to see.

My eyes were opened on a recent trip to Atlanta to visit the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium. At just about every corner there was ten or more people shooting low quality photos which require the “photographer” to stand exceptionally close the subject. All this accomplishes is making it harder for the rest of the people to see and it really slows down traffic flow. On top of that the pictures can’t be very good so why would anyone want to take a couple of hundred pictures on these cameras. To me it just doesn’t make sense. It seems to me a lot of people are spending way too much time taking crappy pictures and too little time actually enjoying what they came to see.

Down with camera phones!

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