Info, info everywhere but not a drop to share

There is a lot going on in my world these days, but I am hesitant to share much of it. I don’t want to jinx any possible good fortune nor do I want to burn any long standing bridges. I can say that I am excited and frightened at the same time. Growth means change and change can be scary. Maybe not so much “change” exactly but what I am more afraid of is the unknown that comes with change. I don’t know if my life will be different next week, next month, or next year and that worries me. Things are stable today. Everything might not be the way I want it, but at least it things are stable. I can’t say that with any certainty about tomorrow and it is that uncertainty which keeps me up at night.

And now for something completely different.

The wonderful destructive entities that are the “Kick in the Nuts Elves” have decided to work year around. I should have known this was coming as there is just not enough time during the Christmas season to completely destroy the serenity that is my daily life. My wife blew a tire Friday morning and quickly found out that she was in danger of blowing the other three. How much do you think 4 new tires for a Ford Explorer might cost? $300.00? $400.00? Oh hell no! Try about $650.00!!!!!! Oh happy day for me huh? I knew this was coming, but I had hoped that I could hold it off another month when I might have cash for the job. It was not to be and I had to deal with it in another way. I have not been told what the repayment schedule will be, but I have been told that I had best be “prepared” to do a favor for someone at some undetermined point in the future. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about already…


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  1. murphy’s law: if something can go wrong, it will.
    pretty helmet’s law: when something goes wrong, everything goes wrong, leaving you in a shriveled heap on the floor wishing for a winning lottery ticket or a loaded gun.

  2. No, that does not make me feel better one bit. It saddens me that this country is still subject to an archaic practice like the income tax. I hate you have to pay that but I am sure you know it has to be done or eventually big men in black suits carrying guns will show up at your door.
    “What you can do for you country” takes on a whole knew meaning doesn’t it?
    Please check out and support fair tax initiatives if you want a better future for yourself, your children, and America..

  3. I don’t think it’s completely archaic that we have income tax (I will check out and see what they are talking about). It’s insane that the wealthiest can wriggle out of significant portions of thier tax burden while the poorest workers have to pay not just thier income tax but (in some states) sales taxes on FOOD.
    I also can’t figure out how my current employer (the state!) can’t figure out how much to withhold. Yes, I have some other income. But without it, I’d still owe (not in the ballpark of megabeth, my sympathies). And how they mis-withhold my fed taxes and withhold to the dollar for state taxes. (when a grad student the Uni did the same thing – like I had an extra $400 one month) Not a fan of interest-free loans to the feds but surely they can get closer.
    They owe you – get your money as fast os possible. You owe – make ’em wait!1

  4. Oh, yeah – hope all the shaddowy hints work out!
    And, dude, I’d avoid borrowing money from people expecting “favors”, whenever possible. Unless it’s the folks and “favors” means moving furniture and the like, and not the knee-cap breaking kind. Depending on your parents it could be an iffy thing;).

  5. I have to pay a lot of extra income tax this year because it was a good year. With a good thing comes a bad thing. I did manage to do it right this year and owe the feds so they did not get an interest-free loan from me. And I am waiting to snail-mail my check on April 16th. Like I am going to pay another $15 to e-file when I owe them money.

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