The Week in Review

More critter pictures. Best I can do today.
Fish Tank
That is all.

Yes, it is a review post. Some things you know, some things you will be hearing for the first time. Almost none of it will you really care about.
Monday: Missed out on the Sidewalk Festival meeting at Rojo. Decided to blow it off at the last minute and go home to spend some time with my family. From what I understand, nothing special was said and the festival is on course for next September. So, the jury is still out on what direction the festival will take in the next few years. For now I am going to withhold any rash judgments and just wait and see how things play out.
I found out that I had a $500+ repair bill on my car coming. Ye ole kick in the nuts elves struck solid. I had an extended warranty and the shop said they would try to find out if any of it would be covered. The part had to be ordered anyway.

I failed to study one minute for my Marketing Final on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Don’t remember much here, but I did find out that half of the repair would be covered by the warranty. I guess that was something. The car was repaired later that afternoon and picked up.

I studied about an hour and a half for the Marketing Final

Wednesday: Big final day! I went to work and studied when I could get a moment here and there. Started the exam at 7:15 and finished at about 9:30. I was running out of time and I don’t think I did great work. However, making anything less than a B was pretty much impossible so I did not worry about it.

Went home that night and started playing a classic video game on my Gamecube. I never finished The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and finally decided it was high time to work through it. All the publicity surrounding the Nintendo Wii has made me nostalgic for that old game series.

I also played a little Sneak King. This is a game based on the Burger King character and I picked up the game over the previous weekend for about $3.50. It is a novelty game for sure, but it is fun for about 5 minutes. The object is to sneak up on people and surprise them with delicious BK food products. This gets boring REALLY fast, but there is something about seeing that freaky King stalking unsuspecting citizens that is hypnotizing. And for less than 4 bucks it what can you as for?

Thursday I spent most of the day out of the office and in the middle of nowhere troubleshooting some camera systems. It was nice to be out of the office.

Later that night it was sharing some babysitting duties with my wife and then more Zelda. I crashed around 11:00. Nothing special to report there.

That brings us up to today. Aren’t you excited? Who knows what dangers lurk in the shadows today. I am going to go to the Botanical Gardens and take some pictures. We will see if anything comes of that expedition.

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