Picture-A-Day: Day 11

So, as I said earlier today, my daughter has been sick. She was pretty much up all night crying because her ear hurt. Our doctor’s office called in a prescription for a pain killer and made us an appointment at the extension clinic of Children’s Hospital at 11:10. After a wonderfully short wait, the doctor took a look at her and quickly determined that she had an ear infection. Actually, two ear infections. No wonder she was up all night.
She spent the afternoon asleep on the couch. She slept for probably 3-4 hours and work up a few minutes ago and has been wonderful. She still won’t eat, but bet she will soon. It has been about 2 days since she ate anything substantial.

Here is a quick picture from the day.
Children's Hospital Clinic
In other news mentioned earlier, my Explorer Sport broke down Friday while I was out. It needs a new starter and battery. I am trying to get my extended warranty to cover the repair. Looks like we will not have the vehicle back until at least Tuesday. If we don’t get it back by then, things will get difficult. Wish me luck.


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  1. Luck!
    I feel guilty, tho. This weekend I was making a list of the presents that have yet to be purchased and how much they’re going to cost and wondered, “Wonder when the kick in the nuts elves are going to show.” Sorry about that.

  2. They came a few weeks earlier this year than last year. Gives them more time to fuck with me would be my guess. I suspect any day now my water heater will finally give up the ghost. Probably on the 16th. You know, the day after I get my last paycheck before Christmas. I’d sell my sperm to make up the difference, but for some reason no one is really interested in bald, fat guy DNA this time of year.

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